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Terms & Conditions

. All deposits are non-refundable.
 . Outstanding balance to be paid to the driver on the outward journey.
. The person making the booking is responsible for the whole group, which includes any damage caused to the vehicle, and will be invoiced for any repair costs.
. Should any member of the travelling group be responsible for soiling/damage or in any way cause the vehicle to be valeted, there will be a £50-£100 charge to cover cleaning costs.
. Seat belts must be worn at all times.
. Pick up and drop off points only as arranged during booking, additional pickups and drop offs are subject to extra charge.
. TheTravelBus will not be held responsible for any passengers left behind at any location.
. Passengers are expected to behave in a suitable manner. Verbal or physical aggression will not be tolerated. The driver has the right to remove any passengers who fail to adhere to this.
. The driver/operator will not be held liable for any unscheduled delays, injuries or damage to passengers/ belongings.
. If passengers require storage of belongings on the vehicle, it is done so at their own risk

Application. These Terms & Conditions apply whether a contract has been made verbally or in writing. The price agreed between TheTravelBus and You (the customer). Once payment has been received for hire the hirer has entered in to a contract withTheTravelBus. Changes requested to be made after the booking has been confirmed will be at the discretion of TheTravelBus and may be subject to further charge(s).

Bookings. All bookings made are confirmed by an advanced deposit. The minimum advance deposit is dependent upon the distance of journey and will range from £30.00 to £100.00. You may pay full amount at the time of booking.

Cancellations. If the confirmed booking is cancelled within 7 days of the date of travel, all monies paid will be forfeited and the full balance owed will become payable. Payment of the remaining balance owed is payable within five working days from the date of cancellation.

Route. Unless confirmed otherwise, the route taken will be at the discretion of TheTravelBus and/or the driver. The vehicle will depart at the times agreed by the hirer, and it is the responsibility of the hirer to account for all passengers at those times.

Drivers Hours. The hours of the driver are regulated by the law and You accept the responsibility of ensuring the hire keeps to the hours and times agreed by TheTravelBus.

Breakdown. TheTravelBus makes every effort to maintain its vehicle(s) as often and as thoroughly as possible to ensure, so far it is reasonably able, that the vehicle(s) are in the best and most reliable condition and are thereby fit for purpose of use. Should a mechanical breakdown occur outside its control, TheTravelBus can neither be held responsible for mechanical breakdown nor for the impact that those unforeseen event(s) may thereafter have caused. In the event of mechanical failure due to circumstances beyond our control, if the vehicle requested cannot be provided either for the first, the final or other interim journeys booked, TheTravelBus reserves the right to provide substitute vehicle(s) of equal or similar standing and capacity. Where TheTravelBus is unable to supply alternative transport upon the cancellation of the vehicle, TheTravelBus may return all monies paid and without further liability will cancel the contract.TheTravelBus will endeavour to assist the hirer by supplying contact numbers for other coach operators who may be able to provide replacement hire. You and your passengers should have adequate travel insurance in the event of such a cancellation to cover unforeseen travelling cost, expenses and losses.

Airport Requirements. Where TheTravelBus are retained to collect the customer from arriving flight(s) in particular inbound international flight(s), You are required to telephone 07891 807980 before leaving the departure airport to reconfirm the pick – up requirements from TheTravelBus. Upon arrival in the UK airport, once you have cleared customs you are required to text TheTravelBus to arrange a designated pick-up/drop off points. All car parking charges incurred by TheTravelBus during return journey are to be paid by You.

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